Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Cinco de Mayo! Whatever that means...

Hubs and I were invited tonight to join a few friends at a local Mexican Restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I've never been entirely certain why it's such a popularly celebrated holiday among the gringos here in the U.S., although I have a feeling it has something to do with half-priced Margarita's. I suppose I should wiki it sometime and learn the real origins of this holiday, rather than contentedly celebrating a holiday of which I have no clue the origin, like an ignoramus. (note to self: search Wikipedia today for "Cinco de Mayo")

So we headed out (in the torrential downpour) to Plaza Guadalajara, and had a great time. Chris' coworkers and their wives have quickly become some of our closest friends. They are so much fun, and have been such an unexpected blessing in our lives. We had a few laughs, ate about 12 times more food than any human ever needs to consume, and let the baby dance on the table to some fun Mexican tunes. I mad my first "Bahama Mama" (verdict: it's okay, but next time I'll just take a Pina Colada) and left with about a pint of liquid cheese in my stomach from the irresponsible amount of chips and queso that I consumed.

Later, my friend Angela came over to watch a few DVR'd episodes of our new fave show, Monk. If you haven't watched this show, you need to. This guy is seriously hilarious. Also, the slightly perfectionistic OCD control freak in me can relate to Mr. Monk in more ways than I care to admit.

Now it's time for both me and my massive tummy ache to go to bed. Maybe after wiki-ing Cinco de Mayo...

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