Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where's the Fast-Forward Button?

I've been struck lately with the reality that time is flying by me. I notice myself looking forward to the future, and saying things like "I can't wait until the beach this summer" or "Won't it be great when Spencer can walk and be a little more independent." I actually find myself looking in my planner (love, love, LOVE my Franklin planner! It keeps me sane...relatively, that is) forward through the next year to the exciting events we have planned. A few weddings, a reunion with our old church friends in Blacksburg, traveling to see family, certain physical-goals I've set for myself (I'm toying with the rather insane idea of getting in good enough shape to run a marathon possibly next year...will start with a 10k so I don't kill myself though), Christmas (I love the Christmas season and look forward to it starting around April or May of every year.) Yesterday, it struck me like a brick to the head that it's as if I'm hitting the fast-forward button on my life. That "let's skip this and get to the good stuff" mentality is so common in this world. LIVING has become mundane. And hello, as with any movie that we fast-forward our way through, there is an end. We are given a finite amount of days on this earth and while I personally know that there will be something (much better) awaiting me on the other side, I still have to laugh at myself for essentially counting down the days to my own death.

What ever happened to just enjoying LIFE?

At the end of the day, I put Spencer down to sleep in his crib and I stand there above him, watching this sweet angel look adoringly at me, blinking his eyes sleepily, I always find myself thanking God for the day he's given us. Lately, every day of my life has been the greatest day of my life. Even the tough ones where Spencer decides to boycott his naps or have a random meltdown in the middle of a Macy's, At 8pm, I still find myself right there, standing in my spot above his crib, with my husband's arm around me, looking at my family and feeling like life just doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Maybe some days are more rewarding than others, and some more exciting, but time will pass whether I make an impact on this world or not. I don't know specifically what great things God wants me to accomplish while I'm here (aside from raising a young man), but I think I need a new outlook on things. I need to tackle each day with an attitude of "what greatness can I accomplish today?" And whether that greatness involves helping a friend in need, sending a letter to my Congressman, boycotting products that do animal testing, or simply giving a friendly smile to the lonesome old lady in Whole Foods I am making each day count. Even teaching my infant to make a respectable sounding "raspberry" with his mouth is one more way to enrich his life and make mine count. How often do you hear someone count down to the weekend? "Only 3 more days until the weekend," or "TGIF!" Are we really content to only spend 2/7ths of our lives in a content state? We can do so much more LIVING on that other 3/4 of our lives! Let's start living people!


Angela said...

So true! I def look to the weekends and then I am afraid of Mondays when really I should be enjoying all the time I have.

Big Momma said...

What a great post!