Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day!

First (official) Mother's Day= Success!

To start the weekend off (yes, it was a whole-weekend long affair) I received a flower delivery on Friday. I almost didn't answer the door (due to the nondescript white van with no visible markings on it in front of my house and the semi-creepy man pacing at my doorstep) but then I saw the flowers. Truly beautiful lavender flowers.

I know that flowers are expensive and they die after a week or so, but I SO love receiving flowers every now and then. Having fresh, fragrant flowers in my home puts a smile on my face every time I walk by them! The fact that Hubs (Mr. Frugal-Fanny/orders-everything-off-the-internet-because-he-hates-shopping Himself) actually went out of his comfort-zone to a local florist, picked out a bouquet himself, and paid full-price for it was a BIG deal!

On Friday night, Hubs came home early from work and he and Little Man took me out to my favorite restaurant, Tripps, for a nice steak dinner. I heart Tripps! All of their food is made fresh on site daily, and they get their steaks from the same place as Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, so it's top quality but much lower price than a Ruth's Chris or a Morton's. Anyway, I could sing their praises for hours... So we had a lovely dinner out, and on the way home Hubs had one more surprise in store for me. He took me to the paint store and told me to pick out any paint I wanted and the HE would paint the basement and the upstairs hallways (I've been wanting to do this for about a year). This was a truly impressive gift (not to mention selfless) because while Christopher is a hard-working man who is incredibly handy around the house, the man would rather shove his thumb through his right eye than pick up a paint brush. Painting is his Everest, so the thought of him signing up for a whole weekends worth of painting nearly caused me to pass out. It was such a sweet gesture, but Hubs underestimated his wife's level of perfectionism. He didn't realize that I've spent months pouring over colors and had not quite found the right hue of Cappuccino for the "accent wall" in the basement family room. So we agreed that I'd take a rain-check on the painting (as he breathed a sigh of relief) and he decided that instead he would clean the entire house for me, and spend the weekend taking full responsibility for the baby, so that I could spend the weekend relaxing. It was glorious!

On Saturday morning I woke up just long enough to feed the baby, then went back to sleep until 11:30! I spent the entire day relaxing while Chris took care of Little Man and cleaned the house. I still got to feed and play with my baby, I just didn't have to be "responsible" for him. I even got to make a run to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and take my time grocery shopping. This may not seem like fun to some of you, but I truly love a leisurely stroll through the supermarket (which I have not experienced since Spencer was born) and there is something about those two stores that makes me feel all healthy and good about myself. It was truly an awesome day! Sunday was more of the same, only he made me breakfast and gave me the sweetest card, and a present (I LOVE presents!) Apparently "Spencer went to Jared" (you know, like the commercials?) and bought me a beautiful necklace with his birthstone in it. It's a simple, understated (just how I like my jewelry) opal set in white gold.

So pretty. Spence did a great job of picking it out ;-) To cap off the day, we took all three children (Spence and the two dogs, of course) to Krump Park to stroll around in the sunshine.

A perfect ending to the perfect first Mother's Day.

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Angela said...

I'm glad you had such a great first Mother's Day? Who told you about that park, anyway? You should take her, I mean them out to dinner sometime. Okay, talk to you later.