Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I did not discover the cure for cancer.
Today, I didn't create peace in the middle east, or convince Kim Jong-il to dismantle his nuclear weapons program.
I didn't spend my day rubbing elbows with celebrities, or lunching with Hollywood's elite.
Today, I did not get appointed to the Supreme Court.
Today, I didn't slap on a Dior power-suit and tackle corporate America.
I didn't make millions (or even thousands) today, short-selling the stock market.
Today, I did not commit a single act that would be considered "impressive."
Today I made my baby laugh.
A big, gorgeous, belly laugh.
And it was the most beautiful part of my day.
And that's all I need.

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Tammy @ GreekGRITS said...

Those things you accomplished today are probably a bit more important than the first things you listed.

Thanks for stopping by my place! And "Edna" is a character from The Incredibles movie. :-)